Lab Mission

We aim to contribute to scientific understand through collaborative, responsible, and open science approaches. We also are committed to expanding global access to novel research tools and techniques through developing open-source systems that are both understandable and affordable. We believe democratizing access to transformative tools in neuroscience is critical, now more than ever, for pursuing productive and equitable science. The Lab is committed to developing well-rounded, robust, and proper experimental approaches and transfering that knowledge to trainees, collaborators, and the broader community.

Expectations of all lab members

While we are all here to do research, that begins with an expectation to be kind, considerate, and helpful to others and, importantly, should form the foundation for all the work we do in lab. I expect everyone to actively work towards a collaborative, supportive environment where each person’s skills and interests can be amplified by the team surrounding them. As researchers, everyone is expected to strive for rigor in their work, maintain the highest ethical standards, follow lab protocols, and exhibit integrity and creativity in problem solving. I expect lab members to work hard and demonstrate a strong commitment to their projects and the lab. Lab members are expected to be the driving force behind their projects; critically and creatively thinking multiple steps into the future, with guidance and support from Daniel, to move their project from conception, through development, and to implementation and completion.

Communication in person, over Slack, on Zoom, and over email with lab members, university staff, or collaborators should always be respectful, supportive, and as clear as possible. Lab members are expected to be on time for scheduled meetings and actively participate in lab meetings and journal clubs. Lab members are expected to actively maintain and backup all their digital files/work on a well documented/commented lab GitHub repository in addition to maintaining well organized notes in a lab notebook. You are expected to contrinute to the daily running of the lab, maintaining the cleanliness and organization of shared spaces, and ask permission before using or moving items belonging to a specific person.

Ask questions! The less you feel like you know, the less comfortable you feel in a technical/scientific discussion, the more you are expected to ask questions. We should all never stop working towards being better researchers by asking questions and develping skills for how to navigate learning what we don’t know.

Expectations of Daniel

My goal is to help guide each lab member towards research pursuits that specifically fit their interests, skill-sets, and goals. I am here to support and amplify your work, helping to maximize your time, effort, and enjoyment within each research project. I expect open and continuous lines of communication with everyone in lab, and in return you can expect me to never think a comment, question, or concern is too minor to ask. You can expect me to help envision, implement, communicate your stories, and cultivate value in yourself for whatever your long-term goals may be. I will make sure the lab has funding and that you get whatever you need to push your projects forward. I will care about your happiness and well-being in and out of lab and will always be available to chat about small or large issues.

Work-Life balance

Nobody is effective when they’re unhappy, and lab members should take the time they need to stay healthy. It doesn’t matter how much time is spent at work; the most important thing is that good science gets done. I myself often work at odd times of the day (and night), as that’s often when I have the most free time. If I write emails or messages at odd hours, that in no way should be viewed as a precedence for expectations in lab culture, and I don’t expect a response until the next period of normal work hours.


I will do my best to make sure you will be provided with an excellent opportunity for mentorship during your time in the lab. However, you must also be proactive in establishing this mentorship relationship. If you are anxious about your academic performance, stressed about balancing work and life, are unsure about planning your future or have financial concerns (just a few examples), we can talk about it and perhaps point you to resources on campus that may be helpful.

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